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Welcome to the home of Mischief & Mayhem, aka TheTwins. The stories herein are the results of collaborations between Loui (Mischief), and tag (Mayhem); who seem to work very well together well the occasion warrants - and even when it doesn't, if we dare say so ourselves.

Magnificent Seven Fic

A.L.E.R.T. Foundation AU
Calling the Players Ezra Standish, heir to a multi-national conglomerate, has a problem; his new inheritance has created a great deal of damage to the environment over the years of its operation. Now he must recruit a group of experts to help him change things as he takes charge of Standish Industries.

CrossOver Fic

Earth: Final Conflict/Highlander
Chaos Unleashed Rogue Volunteers in Seacouver take Duncan MacLeod hostage, and make a shocking discovery. Now Methos and Joe must get the help of Major Liam Kincaid in order to save Duncan and keep the existance of Immortals a secret from the Taelons.
Work In Progress. NEW 29/08/02: Parts 1-5.

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