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WARNING: Some stories on this page are slash/shounen-ai, meaning (on this site) that
certain characters are involved in non-explicit male/male romantic relationships.
This page houses stories that are:
Cho Hakkai/Genjyo Sanzo.
All stories with slash/shounen-ai relationships are marked as such.

Saiyuki Fan Fiction

Questions Why Hakkai / Sanzo pre-slash. Pt. 1: 'Why did he do that...' Sanzo had worked hard to make sure no one liked him. Pt. 2: 'Why did I do that...' Hakkai saw past the mask.
Added: 22/09/13.
Mine Hakkai finds himself intensely jealous of the attention a monk visiting Chang'an is paying Sanzo. Sanzo just wants to shoot everyone and have them leave him alone. Hakkai / Sanzo pre-slash / shounen-ai. Rated for Sanzo's language and Hakkai's thoughts.
Added: 22/09/13.


Entangled Series: co-authored with Vathara. Vegetative propagation, means sometimes vines spread. Particularly youkai vines.... Kanzeon has a Plan, does gardening, and Sanzo is Not Happy. A bit AU, and definitely odd. Hakkai / Sanzo pre-slash / shounen-ai.
Added: 22/09/13.

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