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Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction

Wolf and Dragon A haiku that focuses on the moment Saitō and Battōsai face off against each other in the Kamiya dojo; applies equally well to canon or to Edge of the Blade.
Coming Soon: "Edge of the Blade" An A.U. look at the Shishio/Kyoto arc. What if Kenshin had never really stopped being Battōsai – what if the "rurouni" was simply a mask? How would that have affected what happened with Shishio? Focuses on Kenshin and Saitō. No romance.
Available as a Work In Progress on tag's Haven (my blog; as "Rurouni Battousai") and tag's FFNet page.

Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic Notes A handy little notes document that provides you with details on various tidbits of information referenced in my RK stories. Current up to the part on FFNet (the LiveJournal has the notes in the entries themselves).
Updated Mon. July 03/06.

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