To Do List: Methos

by Trudy A. Goold

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Notes: The 'To Do Lists' were started on the PhilosophySphere Forum (EFC) by Loui; then Methos started talking to me...

Methos nibbled thoughtfully for a moment on the cap of his pen, studying the piece of paper on the table in front of him, and then nodded in satisfaction. Done.

Standing up, he wandered over to the fridge and stuck it on using the official Watcher magnet he'd received four years ago for the most entertaining scavenger hunt in the history of the Watcher Researchers' annual picnic.

To Do lists could be quite useful sometimes...

Methos' To Do List

#01. Rescue MacLeod from the babe of the week.
Note to self: What is it with him and women?! Doesn't he realize that the female is deadlier than the male?!

#02. Rescue MacLeod from the angst-fest of the week.

#03. Needle MacLeod until he stops brooding and starts making noises about dumping me on my bum again.

#04. Lose spar to MacLeod.
Reminder: Don't use the overhand thrust - he doesn't have a defense against it.

#05. Hack in to Watcher database to check on the status of MacLeod's latest enemy.

#06. Go to Joe's. Mooch beer.

#07. Find out Cassandra's current location.
Note to self: Joe will probably spill it if you give him another story or two about your time with Butch and Sundance.

#08. Mooch more beer from Joe.

#09. Tell Joe about the fight between Dmitri Kladistock and Min Yi Cheng.
Reminder: Duck when you mention the banana peel. Beer stains sweaters.

#10. Finish mooching beer from Joe.

#11. Burn this list.

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