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Because I don't usually care to put notes (aside from the requisite disclaimers) within the stories themselves, I have decided to work up this page, just to give a few tidbits of information that you might (or might not <g>) want to know about my pieces of Highlander fanfic. Each place in a story that has a note pertaining to it is marked by an asterisk (*) that will take you directly to that section in this document.

"Memory's Awakening"
Chapter 1
A Note Re: Names
    Adam Pierson is a persona of Methos'; a persona that behaves very differently than the oldest living Immortal. To illustrate this, the name 'Adam' is used when Methos is 'in' that persona, and 'Methos' is used when he is not.

Bonds of Trust

1. "A Gift of Swords"
Donnchadh MacLeod
    The spelling of Duncan's name in the Scottish Gaelic.

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