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Please note that these stories are merely
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in the actual episodes.

Highlander Fan Fiction
"Memory's Awakening"
    Seven chapters long at present, this story takes place almost two months after "Revelation 6:8" (ignoring everything after "Duende"). Methos has gone missing, and MacLeod must put aside his feelings of betrayal to help rescue the ancient Immortal as more and more of his mysterious past begins to surface. Meanwhile, a young Watcher has been murdered, and for MacLeod, Methos is the primary suspect. The Watchers hold inquiries into the murder and Adam Pierson's unexplained disappearance.
Updated 02/01/98.

NEW! To Do List: Methos
    A little bit of humour. Takes place after 6th season.
New: 02/06/02.

Bonds of Trust
1. "A Gift of Swords"
    The first story in a series: Methos appears after Christmas with a surprise for MacLeod; meanwhile, Duncan is having unusual dreams. (Please note that this story ignores everything after "Forgive Us Our Trespasses".)
Finished 06/01/98.
22/02/98: Great News! "A Gift of Swords" is now
also available at the Highlander Quill Club--
includes a very nice picture of Methos.

"A Gift of Swords" has won Best Non-Earth Final Conflict Story for the PhilosophySphere Fan Fiction Forum Winter 2001 Shaqarava Awards.

Teaser: 2. "To Gain a Trust"
    A teaser for the second story of Bonds of Trust. There's a lot more going on than anyone realizes...
New: 28/12/01.

Highlander Fanfic Notes
    A handy little notes document that provides you with references for such things as Gaelic spelling and the like; links are also provided in the stories, next to what is referenced there.

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