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Series Summary: After the events of the third season episode "Thicker Than Blood", Liam and Sandoval's relationship starts to change. But is either aware of how far those changes will go, or how they will affect the future of both Taelons and humanity?

Note: The first four stories of Dreams, Memories & Truths: Vol. 1, along with a prequel story entitled "A Friend In Deed" (taking place between the second season episodes "Fissures" and "Redemption") is now available in fanzine format from Blackfly Presses.

Shaquarava Awards: Winter 2001
2nd place Best Series.

1. A Father's Dream
    Short vignette focused on Sandoval; major spoilers for "Thicker Than Blood".
Added: 24/12/99.
Shaquarava Awards: Winter 2000
2nd place for Best Vignette!

2. A Close Encounter
    Liam encounters a woman who seems strangely familiar while searching for Sandoval's present.
Added: 07/03/00.

3. Surprise!
    It's Sandoval's birthday, and Liam has a plan; major spoilers for "Thicker Than Blood".
Added: 03/02/00.

4. In Search of the Truth
    A series of vicious, escalating attacks leads Sandoval to the discovery of a shocking secret; meanwhile, Liam receives several shocks of his own.
Added: 29/05/00. Novel-length.
Shaquarava Awards: Summer 2000
Nominated for Best Work-in-Progress Story.
Won Best Ronald Sandoval Story.
Won Best E:FC Fanfiction!

DMT Timeline
    A timeline for the events in the series; includes my interpretation of the timeline for certain episodes pivotal to the series.

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