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Earth Final Conflict Fan Fiction

Ties of Blood
    What was going through Liam's mind when he found out about Sandoval's illness? Missing Scene for "Thicker Than Blood".
Added: 21/02/00.
Shaquarava Awards: Summer 2000
2nd place Best Missing Scene Story.

Perfect Match
    A companion piece to Ties of Blood; what was Sandoval going through during his stay at the hospital? Missing Scene for "Thicker Than Blood".
Added: 21/03/00.
Shaquarava Awards: Summer 2000
Won Best Season Three Story.

Not With a Whimper
    Takes place soon after the 4th season episode "The Second Wave". When Da'an goes too far, how will Liam respond?
Added: 13/03/01.
The prize for the winner of the
PhilosophySphere Fan Fiction Forum's October 2000 Drabble Contest,

Shaquarava Awards: Summer 2001
Won Best Liam Kincaid Story.
Won Best E:FC Fanfiction.

To Light A Candle
    In memory of my grandfather.
Added: 06/12/01.

EFC Series

Dreams, Memories and Truths
    After the events of the third season episode "Thicker Than Blood", Liam and Sandoval's relationship starts to change. But is either aware of how far those changes will go, or how they will affect the future of both Taelons and humanity?
    Includes the stories A Father's Dream, A Close Encounter, Surprise!, and In Search of the Truth.
Updated: 29/05/00 (Story #4: In Search of the Truth Added)
Shaquarava Awards: Winter 2001
2nd place Best Series.
For individual story awards, see series index.

Uneasy Alliances
    After the events of the fourth season episode "The Forge of Creation", Sandoval finds that he is in need of help.
WARNING: Fourth Season Spoilers!
The First Steps: "Into The Forge"
    Part One of The First Steps, the first story in the series. Sandoval attempts to blackmail Liam.
    Spoilers for "The Forge of Creation".
Added: 13/12/00.
Shaquarava Awards: Winter 2001
2nd place Best Season Four Story.

    Takes place after a slightly different fourth season (no DeeDee). The ANA and the Resistance have won the battle to rid Earth of the Taelons and the Jaridians. Now Liam, Sandoval, Augur, Renee, Street, Hubble Urick and the rest of the world must deal with the consequences.
WARNING: Fourth Season Spoilers!
Mounting a Rescue
    Sandoval has been imprisoned for crimes against humanity, and is facing execution. Before that can take place, however, he finds himself facing a very unusual situation.
Added: 23/08/02.

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