"Delenn's Diary"

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The Gathering
Midnight on the Firing Line; Soul Hunter; Born to the Purple; Infection; Parliament of Dreams; Mind War

The editor would like to thank the Council of Rangers and Ambassador Delenn for allowing her to publish these excerpts, and for their help in translating from the original Audronado into Interlac.

Delenn's Diary: "The Gathering"

There is a need to be careful. I do not know how, but Ambassador G'Kar has discovered that it was the Council that ordered the surrender on the Line. This troubles me; there is no reasonable way for the Narns to have this information. I do not think that he will share it, particularly not with Commander Sinclair or any other of the Earthers, but the fact that he knows is troubling in and of itself. His source must be discovered, and questions must be asked.

As well, the ambassador is now aware of the power of the red ring. There was no other way to put the point across; I had no choice but to threaten him. The responsibility is mine.

There is another matter for concern; G'Kar came to see me because he wished to accuse Ambassador Mollari of poisoning Ambassador Kosh. He feels, or so he declared, that the Centauri wish to ally themselves with the Earthers, and what better way than to start a war? But the Centauri do not know enough about the Vorlons to be aware of what poisons could be fatal; nor do the Earthers. I do not care for the possibilities.

* * *

The need for observation, but not intervention, is a cruel one. Over the time that Commander Sinclair and I have spent on Babylon 5, he has become a friend. And yet, I cannot help him defeat the charges brought against him by G'Kar and Dr. Kyle's anonymous witness. It is even more troubling that Ambassador Mollari voted with Ambassador G'Kar; I believe that this matter requires further investigation, and I intend to do just that.

* * *

I have seen the record of the confrontation between the assassin and Commander Sinclair, and I have sent a copy to the Council. The most problematic issue, aside from the assassin's identity as one of the Wind Swords, is his statement concerning the hole in the Commander's mind. I fear that it is only a matter of time before the Commander tries to question me about it; he is determined, in a way that I do not think the Council understands. It is one of the differences I have discovered about Earthers during my time here, and it is this difference that could destroy everything we have worked for during the past ten years.

* * *

Ambassador Kosh Naranek is fully recovered from the effects of the poison, if he was so endangered in the first place, and is now officially welcomed to Babylon 5. There are a number of matters that must be discussed, but that will come at a later time.

The major concern at the present time is Commander Sinclair. He has linked the Wind Sword's comment to the 24 hour block in his mind, from the Line, and is now convinced that something did indeed occur. I managed to deflect his questions, but he is still suspicious.

However, I have also received the answer to something that has been puzzling me about Earthers; the explanation for the building of the fifth Babylon station, which required our aid. According to the Commander, if something Earthers value is destroyed, they will rebuild it as many times as is necessary, until it stays. This statement is perhaps idealistic--Commander Sinclair is an idealistic man--but it gives me with another piece to the puzzle that the Earthers present.

Delenn's Diary: "Midnight on the Firing Line"

After the situation surrounding Ragesh 3 was settled, to the satisfaction of all save the Narn, Mr. Garibaldi invited me to join him in doing his second favorite thing in the universe. In an effort to understand more about Earthers, I agreed.

I found it quite puzzling, however. We watched something called 'Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2 Century'--which, since by Earth reckoning it is only the 23-1/2 century, I found confusing.

Apparently, this is what was called a 'cartoon show', and Mr. Garibaldi appeared to find it quite amusing. It appears to have been a source of entertainment on Earth 2 centuries ago.

He also introduced me to an Earth food called 'popcorn'. Apparently, one eats popcorn while watching these sources of entertainment, although I have yet to understand the purpose of this ritual.

Mr. Garibaldi attempted to explain the humor in this 'cartoon' to me, but I must admit that I fail to understand it; although Commander Sinclair has mentioned that Mr. Garibaldi's sense of humor is somewhat unusual.

Hopefully, with more study, I will be able to understand this aspect of Earth culture better.

Delenn's Diary: "Soul Hunter"

I have heard that Commander Sinclair has just rescued an injured alien, of a race that the Earthers do not know; I intend to go and offer my help in identifying it.

* * *

The universe is sometimes cruel.

The alien that the Commander rescued is ShagTot.

I have tried to tell them, tried to make them understand that they must kill him, for all our sakes. We are in grave danger.

I fear greatly for the possibility that the Soul Hunter may discover the secrets I have kept. If this happens, what may follow?

I can only hope that as soon as he is recovered, Commander Sinclair will send him away from Babylon 5.

But before that, I will find the collection of souls he has stolen from our people, and I will free them. To be given a chance to do such a service... Perhaps the universe is not cruel at all. Perhaps she merely provides us with opportunities, if we have the eyes to see them.

* * *

The Soul Hunter knows who I am. He was the one who came to us at Dukhat's death; he has recognized me as Satai.

I only hope that he will be sent off the station before he reveals this knowledge.

* * *

Dr. Franklin has finally released me from Medlab. I am fully recovered from the attempt the Soul Hunter made on my life.

Were it not for Commander Sinclair, I would be dead by now, my soul captured and enslaved by the Soul Hunter. The Commander saved me, at the risk of his own life.

We were right about him; he does not merely follow the Third Principle of Sentient Life, but he lives by it. Unfortunately, this also means that he tends to place himself in danger, thus risking not only his life, but the destiny that awaits him, and all of us. I can only hope that he can learn to use this tendency with prudence and wisdom.

I also fear what the Soul Hunter may have told Commander Sinclair. I was not conscious during the Commander's fight with him, so I do not know; but the Soul Hunter discovered much about our--my--plans while he had me, and how much of that he may have had the chance to reveal, I cannot say.

* * *

The second Soul Hunter, the sane one, has left Babylon 5. Commander Sinclair has informed him that his race is not welcome here--which is all to the good. That danger has been avoided; and, with wisdom and planning, will continue to be.

Commander Sinclair has also done something else that can only strengthen his standing among us; he gave the bag of captured souls to me, that I might release them. He told me that they--the souls--prevented the Soul Hunter from killing him when the chance was there, and that they had held the Soul Hunter long enough for the Commander to turn the soul-taker on him. Perhaps they, too, have seen the destiny that awaits him.

And now that one of the Soul Hunters has been made a part of his own collection, perhaps they will understand the horror of what they do.

As for the souls that were part of the collection, I have freed them all, that they may continue on their journeys.

Delenn's Diary: "Born to the Purple"

The negotiations between the Narns and the Centauri over the Euphrates Sector have finally been completed. It has taken an unusually long time for this to be done, however, and I find myself wondering why.

On other matters, I have finished the arrangements for my new aide. Lennier of the Third Fane of Chu'Domo will be arriving within the month; close to the time during which Babylon 5 will be hosting the demonstrations of the religions of the various races. I have already decided what ceremony I will be doing.

Lennier has been spoken well of by his teachers; he should prove to be very helpful. The only possible problem I can foresee is the fact that he will, quite likely, be inclined to behave toward me as Satai. That is, however, only a minor problem, and easily solved. I think that he will turn out quite well.

Delenn's Diary: "Infection"

I have just recently returned to the station from a short visit to Minbar.

Strange events have been occurring on Babylon 5 during my absence; apparently, a human archaeologist discovered something that should not have been disturbed. He brought it on board the station, and as a result, three people were killed, and Commander Sinclair narrowly avoided the same fate.

Mr. Garibaldi invited me to watch some more 'Daffy Duck'--as I still do not understand this fascination with such things, I agreed, hoping that he would provide me with some more explanation of the humour. Instead, however, he told me of the events that occurred recently.

Although he did not specifically state so, I am convinced that he was concerned about Commander Sinclair's actions during the recent events. Mr. Garibaldi is a good friend of the Commander's, and from what he has told me, there may be indeed be reason for concern.

It is something that merits a great deal of thought.

Delenn's Diary: "Parliament of Dreams"

I have just returned from the Centauri religious ceremony. It was most... extraordinary. Very... elaborate. I believe Commander Sinclair was correct when he stated that words cannot express how 'enjoyable' it was.

Lennier should be arriving within the next day or so. I am looking forward to meeting him in person.

* * *

Lennier has arrived. As I suspected, he was somewhat overwhelmed by both the station and his new position; however, he has already begun to adjust, and I believe that we will be able to work well together. He is young, and perhaps a bit naive, but I feel that that will stand him in good stead in what is to come.

* * *

The ceremony went well; I have accomplished what I intended.

It has begun.

* * *

We have just returned from the demonstration of Earth religious belief. I found it most instructive...

Rather than organizing a religious ceremony as a demonstration, Commander Sinclair gathered together Earthers of all the many belief systems that their race shares, and introduced us to all of them. There were a great many... I would not be surprised if most of the Earther population of Babylon 5 were there.

The demonstration has given me even more information concerning the Earthers. They are a very diverse people, with many different cultures and belief systems, that through trial and error have begun to learn how to live together in peace. I would not be surprised to discover that this was the point that Commander Sinclair was trying to make with this demonstration.

Sometime soon, I think I will ask the Commander what belief system it is that he follows.

Delenn's Diary: "Mind War"

The station has been subject to a number of unusual events in the past week. Never before have I felt the station actually shake due to the efforts of one being.

However, that threat is ended, and there are other things to occupy my attention. I have received word from Mayan--Shaal Mayan--that she will be coming to Babylon 5 to give a presentation of Tee'la, before proceeding to Earth. I look forward to seeing her again; it has been such a long time since we were able to simply sit and talk with one another.

My only concerns are the hints of problems between humans and the other races on the station. I do not know how much of this is merely rumour--yet--but I fear that it may be something more serious. It is something that I must speak to Commander Sinclair about.

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