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This Web Page is dedicated to Babylon 5 Fan Fiction depicting a somewhat different universe than the one in the series. In this universe, there are only a few slight changes before the two-parter episode "War Without End"; namely, Sheridan and Delenn are friends, but not as close as they are depicted as being on the series.

However, this universe splits radically from the established B5 universe just before "War Without End". "Uneasy Lies the Head...", the first full-length story in this cycle, takes place before "Interludes and Examinations", but doesn't change the events of that episode.

Warning: This page contains major spoilers for Season 3,
up to and including "War Without End".

ALT.B5.UNIVERSE has been updated
to incorporate certain storylines from Novel #9:
To Dream in the City of Sorrows.
Where storylines from the novel conflict with
the AB5U storyline, they have not been used.

All stories contain indirect spoilers for the novel.
Where direct spoilers appear, warnings will be posted.

"A Measure of Respect"
    A short vignette taking place at the time of "The Long Twilight Struggle", it serves as a prologue to the A.B5.U story cycle. Satai Neroon pays an unannounced visit to the Ranger compound in Tuzanor, and presents Entil'Zha with a surprise.
    This may end up being a longer story later on, but can be read as is.
New 05/09/97.

"Uneasy Lies the Head..."
    At present, Prologue to Chapter 4. In this universe, the events after "Ship of Tears" and just before "Interludes and Examinations". Earth Ambassador Sinclair takes the next step on his journey toward his destiny. Part One of a two-part mini-arc.
Updated 06/08/97.
05/01/99: Another Update Coming Soon!

"Glossary of Minbari Terms"
    As may be obvious from the title, this is a glossary of terms taken from the Minbari that are used in the A.B5.U story cycle. The first time each term appears, it will have a link to the glossary. Some are used in To Dream in the City of Sorrows; others are creations of my own.
    This will be updated as parts with new terms are posted.
Updated 05/09/97.
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