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Airwolf Fan Fiction

Foils Series

Pinioned "Shadow of the Hawke" (01) Missing Scenes.
How did Stringfellow Hawke and Michael Archangel feel about working together again to grab Airwolf, and what happened after?
Added: 17/06/03. Gladiators "Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n" (02) Epilogue #1.
After Hawke returns with Ho Minh, Michael Archangel thinks about the events of the mission – and Hawke.
Added: 21/07/03. Silences "Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n" (02) Epilogue #2.
It's Stringfellow Hawke's turn to think; he considers the mission, Ni Hong and Ho Minh, and Archangel.
Added: 29/07/03.

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